Investing with Cohen Asset Management

The Opportunity

Online casinos have always been a popular destination for gambling enthusiasts. With the rise of technology and digitalization, these online platforms have gained more popularity in recent years. In order to expand their reach and provide better gambling services to their customers, many online casinos such as are partnering with Cohen Asset Management Company. This partnership will bring new opportunities for both the gambling industry and asset management firms.

The partnership between Cohen Asset Management Company and online casinos is a win-win situation for both parties. The asset management firm can leverage its expertise in managing investments to help the casino industry grow and expand. On the other hand, this partnership will allow online casinos to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in alternative assets such as real estate that are managed by Cohen Asset Management Company.

This collaboration is also expected to improve customer experience on online casino platforms as well as ensure better returns for investors.

Industrial and Logistics properties are at the heart of the U.S. economy and play a vital role in the supply chain as they support the production and storage of goods, as well as serve as a key component in facilitating their movement from manufacturers to businesses and consumers. As E-commerce users expand, additional occupiers such as manufacturers and third-party logistics providers continue to pursue supply chain certainty and diversification, which requires more robust local supply chains in North America. As a result, the demand for high quality, well located and functional industrial and logistics real estate has kept the supply of these properties constrained in top tier markets. This trend has not only resulted in favorable market conditions for landlords of industrial and logistics properties but has solidified the industrial and logistics sector as the most resilient real estate asset class in the market today and its impact is anticipated to keep the sector favored by both investors and occupiers for the foreseeable future.

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Nejnovější vývoj partnerství s online kasiny přinesl do světa hazardních her působivou změnu. Společnost Cohen Asset Management poskytuje svým partnerům finanční poradenství a zároveň zajišťuje, aby dodržovali předpisy, kterými se toto odvětví řídí. Toto partnerství zajišťuje, že hráči získají spravedlivé herní zážitky a zároveň chrání jejich finanční prostředky před podvodníky. Partnerství zaručuje transparentnost poskytováním pravidelných zpráv o provozních činnostech prováděných těmito online kasinovými platformami.

Strategic Considerations

  • We invest across the spectrum of Industrial and Logistics opportunities including Core, Core-Plus and Value-Add, as the market conditions and opportunities present themselves.
  • Our investment strategy focuses on a cash flow driven investment model not reliant solely on leverage or inflation-related appreciation to achieve targeted returns. We seek to identify and acquire low and moderate risk institutional quality properties with embedded growth opportunities via contractual rental increases where value can be added to each investment through pro-active asset management.
  • We have built an organization that has the infrastructure and industry-leading systems to deliver the highest level of reporting and service to our investors, with scalability to accommodate our growth.
  • Initial leverage ranges from 0-55%
  • Our long-term, established relationships with a national network of real estate professionals provides access to investments either through individual transactions or joint venture opportunities, with the ability to invest alongside elite institutional investors.
  • We create value for our investors by establishing mutually rewarding relationships within the industrial real estate community in each of our Target Markets, particularly with tenants (our customers), brokers, sellers and ultimately the buyers of our real estate when we monetize investments.

Our Income Strategy

  • Stabilized assets substantially leased to high-quality tenants with long-term in-place leases and limited rollover exposure
  • Low to moderate risk assets with current cash flow
  • Well-maintained assets with little or no functional obsolescence
  • Minimal cyclical cash flow volatility
  • Our Income Strategy for deployed capital seeks to achieve the following: stable income, capital preservation, inflation protection and diversification when investing across multiple opportunities.

Our Value-Add Strategy

  • Assets that are undermanaged or capital constrained
  • Assets that have rollover or lease-up opportunities
  • Renovation, repositioning, or new construction
  • Investing in assets at price points below replacement cost
  • Enhanced-yield opportunities

Investing via a 1031 Exchange

For over 30 years Cohen Asset Management through its subsidiaries (“CAM”) has regularly utilized an IRC §1031 Tax Deferred Exchange (“Exchange”) to achieve its investors’ tax objectives, which in turn has given CAM intimate experience and knowledge of the proper way in which to navigate the Exchange process. Outside of CAM’s experience with Exchanges, CAM consummates several transactions every year in which it raises new capital to allow investor participation. While most investors contribute “fresh” capital to each transaction, investors are increasingly utilizing their IRC §1031 Tax Deferred Exchange proceeds from their separate, wholly owned real estate that they have sold as a means of investing side-by-side with CAM as a tenant in common interest (“TIC”). By investing alongside CAM, TIC investors receive the same benefits as the other investors in CAM’s sponsored and managed investments. Please contact us to learn more about investing with CAM via an IRC §1031 Tax Deferred Exchange at