While Cohen Asset Management has produced extraordinary results with our greatest asset - our team members; our investors also have access to our long-standing relationships with our many talented advisors considered to be at the top of their field in the commercial real estate industry. To supplement our own in house capabilities, when appropriate, we utilize the experience, strengths and the resources of these relationships that have been fostered and nourished over decades. These advisors are selected for their wide range of complementary skills and specific experience in areas such as financing, negotiating, structuring and closing real estate transactions, executing complex strategies, research analysis, leasing, legal, tax, accounting, brokerage, architecture, insurance, construction, engineering and environmental among others. Our predominant focus, extensive experience and long-standing market relationships in the industrial sector is made available to our investors with the expectation that our familiarity in the acquisition, development, operation, and disposition of industrial real estate assets will provide a competitive advantage over many other investors in terms of market knowledge, deal flow and our ability to successfully execute.