Private Real Estate Investment Firm, Cohen Asset Managment, Appoints Director of Research  
Los Angeles, California (February 22, 2008)
Cohen Asset Management, Inc. announced the appointment of Bernie Bazile as Director of Research, a new position at the growing Los Angeles based real estate investment firm. Ms. Bazile’s primary responsibility is to evaluate the impact of economic, capital market and real estate trends as they relate to potential investment opportunities for Cohen Asset Management, Inc. and its related entities.
“This is an important appointment for our real estate investment firm to make and we are making it at this time in the real estate market cycle because we feel that Bernie is exactly the right person to guide our research and support current and future investment decisions in a market we see as providing tremendous opportunities for an operator of our breadth and experience,” said Brad Cohen, President and CEO of Cohen Asset Management. 
“Bernie’s research capabilities will also provide our investors with superior interpretation of the market and provide our company with a solid research platform on which to further develop as a multi-disciplined real estate investment firm with a growing national portfolio,” added Cohen.
Prior to joining Cohen Asset Management, Inc., Ms. Bazile spent several years at Torto Wheaton Research, where she worked alongside the Director of Investment Strategy Services in performing objective research on real estate cycles and investments including real estate trend analysisdeveloped upon a rigorous, proven academic foundation using sophisticated dataprocessing and modeling techniques. Additionally, Ms. Bazile has studied and completed research on capital markets, identifying macro trends and events along with cyclical capital flows that can impact the identified target markets which this real estate investment firm and its Affiliates focus on.  
Prior to joining Torto Wheaton Research, Ms. Bazile worked for Cambridge Associates where she was responsible for providing investment research, analysis and advisory services to endowed institutions and family offices.
Ms. Bazile is a member of the Urban Land Institute and holds a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University.
About Cohen
Cohen Asset Management, Inc., ("CAM"), is a private real estate investment firm. The firm's relationships extend to high net worth individuals, institutional investors and domestic business entities. Cohen Asset Management, Inc. is an active operator and investor of real estate assets and has a well-established reputation as a value added investor focusing on real estate opportunities that are inefficiently priced due to a variety of circumstances such as vacancies, rollover risk, sub-optimal management, inefficient current use, deferred maintenance, long-term undervalued leases or other unfavorable property and market conditions.
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