Cleveland Industrial Capital LLC, Affiliate of Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Investment Firm Cohen Asset Management Inc., Completes Sales of Cleveland Industrial Property  
Solon, Ohio (08/25/2008)
Cleveland Industrial Capital LLC, an affiliate of commercial and industrial real estate investment firm Cohen Asset Management, Inc., closed on the sale of 30901 Carter Street, an approximate 88,000 square-foot industrial building located in Solon, Ohio, roughly 18 miles southeast of Cleveland on July 25, 2008. This asset was acquired in November 1998 as one of 15 properties purchased by American Industrial Capital LLC during the years of 1997 - 2007.
The multi-tenant single-story warehouse distribution facility is situated on approximately 5.43 acres. Commercial and industrial real estate investment firm Cohen Asset Management, Inc. elected to sell this asset as Cleveland isno longer a Target Market in which the company is focusing its efforts. The disposition represents the final asset within the syndicated holdings of American Industrial Capital LLC, an entity the company intends to close out in 2008.
About Cohen™
Cohen Asset Management, Inc., (“CAM”), is a private commercial and industrial real estate investment firm. The firm’s relationships extend to high net worth individuals, institutional investors and domestic business entities. Commercial and industrial real estate investment firm Cohen Asset Management, Inc. is an active operator and investor of real estate assets and has a well-established reputation as a value-added investor focusing on commercial and industrial real estate opportunities that are inefficiently priced due to a variety of circumstances such as vacancies, rollover risk, sub-optimal management, inefficient current use, deferred maintenance, long-term undervalued leases or other unfavorable property and market conditions.
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